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The pebbles-Xi jinping hosted a symposium of further promoting the development of the Yangtze river economic belt and delivered an important speech
Pebbles as a kind of natural stone,From the experienced thousands of years ago after the movement of the earth's crust uplift by ancient riverbed of sandstone in the mountains,Experiencing the mountain torrent shock、Water transport process of extrusion、Friction。In the tens of thousands of years vicissitudes of life in the process of evolution,They endure waves play water sports,Friction is gravel collision lost irregular edges,Again with sediment was silent for ten million were buried deep beneath the ground。
Xinhua news agency in wuhan4Month26(Reuters) General secretary of the central committee of the communist party of China、Chairman of the state、The central military commission President xi jinping26Sunday afternoon in wuhan chaired a symposium of further promoting the development of the Yangtze river economic belt and delivered an important speech。He stressed,Promote the development of the Yangtze river economic belt is the party central committee to make major policy decisions,Is of important strategic to China's national development。Under the new situation, promoting the development of the Yangtze river economic belt,The key is to correctly grasp the whole advancement and breakthroughs made in key areas、The ecological environment protection and economic development、The overall planning and for a long time for work、To break the old kinetic energy and cultivate new kinetic energy、The relation between self development and collaborative development,Adhere to the new development concept,Adhere to seek improvement in stability work always tone,Stick to catch big protection、Don't make big development,To strengthen the reform and innovation、Strategic plan as a whole、Planning guide,To promote economic development of the Yangtze river economic zone development of high quality。

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Volcanic rocks in the packing-Environmental protection“Inspector high pressure”Into the normalized
Volcanic rocks in the biological filter material was born in the United States at the earliest,China was once imported to implement biological membrane technology,Due to its high cost,The researchers developed a biological ceramsite to replace。Now,My company scientific research personnel after investigation research found suitable for processing of volcanic rocks in the filter material in the domestic mineral deposits,After dressing、Broken、Screening、Grinding and a series of process of granular filter material,The main ingredients for silicon、Aluminum、Calcium、Sodium、Magnesium、Titanium、Manganese、Iron、Nickel、Such as cobalt and molybdenum dozens of minerals and trace elements,Apparent as irregular particles,Red, dark brown in color,Porous light,Particle size can be produce according to the different requirement。

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Gongyi city hengfeng environmental protection technology co., LTD,Was established20Century80S,Since establishment,Product performance is a problem,Has developed for covering2.5Million square meters,Hundred employees, production, processing and sales integration of the enterprise。,Main production fiber ball packing,Walnut shell filter material,Activated carbon filter material,Quartz sand filter material,Anthracite filter material,Polypropylene…
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